Tactical Strategies

Tactical Strategies

Tactical Strategies

Dynamic Strategies

Active management style suiting conservative and aggressive investment preferences to meet a diverse range of investment objectives.

Multi-asset Strategies

Adapting to market conditions with an unconstrained asset allocation approach in anticipation of realizing higher yields.

Alternative Strategies

Unconstrained management style as assets are allocated to capitalize on short-term market inefficiencies.

Tactial investment management

Clifford Beaumont's tactical investment strategies are designed with a multi-year horizon in mind.

Whilst the essence of traditional buy and hold strategies are no longer applicable to modern investment theory, we maintain the belief that asset classes need to run through a full market cycle in order to realize their potential.

Tailored strategies

In consideration of investment goals and attitudes towards risk, we work closely with each client as we identify a series of goals to be realized as investments head towards maturity.

We gain a deep understanding of how clients are financially positioned in the present, and analyze where that position will take them in the future. We prioritize the provision of funds to accommodate life events and to ensure that chosen lifestyles are maintained.

Core portfolio allocations

In accordance with each client's investment preferences, assets are allocated to perform over an investment horizon of several years. This does not mean, however, that our investment specialists adhere to the afore-mentioned buy and hold strategy.

Instead, portfolios are designed around the core stability of assets whose attributes continue to demonstrate the ability to withstand the effects of market volatility.

Whilst no asset is completely immune to market effects, we believe that a select few companies possess competencies sufficient to deliver above expectations over a long-term holding period.

Satellite portfolio diversification

In support of these core components, satellite investments are more actively traded in pursuit of short-term performance.

The weight of inclusion as part of a diversified portfolio is entirely dependent on the individual preferences of each client. For those whose preferences demand a conservative approach, satellite components are proportioned differently within a portfolio over those portfolios that seek a more aggressive approach to growth.


We believe that together, the combination of strategic asset allocation and informed decision making forms the foundations of a weatherproofed portfolio that ultimately results in the delivery of favorable, client specific performance outcomes.