Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Equity Analysis

Fundamental, top-down bottom-up research on individual companies participating in sector specific industries and key performing geographies.

Technical quantitative analysis

Our quantitative analysis models aim to identify inconsistencies between an asset's valuation and its underlying fundamentals.

At Clifford Beaumont, we use quantitative analysis in line with an investment philosophy that maintains a dedicated focus on the delivery of absolute investment returns.

Committing resources to technology, our analysts are able to quickly disregard ideas that do not conform to our value investment philosophy. Sifting through an endless stream of data, our quantitative research teams focus on promising potential opportunities that are further tested for reliability.

Data-flow management

Utilizing a quantitative research strategy helps other teams within the organization to quickly identify potential as part of our portfolio construction and performance forecasting processes.

This primary resource of compliant data provides in depth analysis of all asset classes spanning regions and sectors. As markets evolve and political implications affect regional economies, our teams are better positioned to react with efficiency.

Quantitative analysts

Members of our quantitative analysis teams are typically identified by their backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, sciences and engineering.

Whilst data analysis is predominantly financial based, our selection process does not insist on finance experience. Instead we seek exceptional individuals whose intellectual capacities and records of achievement demonstrates a suitable match to the underlying culture and ethos of our firm.

Portfolio Management

Combining quantitative data with equity research, strategies are stress-tested against a number of economic variables and individual client preferences.

Currency Analysis

Managing currency fluctuations is critical if we are to ensure maximum efficiency as part of a diversified allocation process.

Execution Management

Trading teams execute transactions under time sensitive conditions to capitalize on market inefficiencies.


Access a broad range of liquid and illiquid alternative investment opportunities helping to further enhance the positive effects of portfolio diversification.
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