Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Currency Analysis

Managing currency fluctuations is critical if we are to ensure maximum efficiency as part of a diversified allocation process.

Custom portfolio design

Clifford Beaumont portfolios are designed around the specific requirements of each client. In this case, no two portfolios under our management are identical.

Drawing upon our pool of analytical resources, portfolios are constructed through an asset allocation process that seeks to deliver an optimized balance of reward with an acceptable degree of risk.

Stabilizing portfolio returns

Taking objectives specific to each client, assets are allocated to create a diversified pool of investments whose correlation to each other is limited.

Typically, portfolios are developed around a core structure of consistently performing assets, whose reliabilities through a series of economic cycles have proven resilient. This core structure acts as the portfolio's foundation and is therefore less frequently traded as consistent returns are realized over a longer-term duration.

Proactive management approach

Supporting the core structure, satellite allocations work to provide short to medium-term benefits in pursuit of absolute returns.

More frequently traded as a reaction to market conditions, satellite allocations demand a proactive management approach to ensure balance is stabilized and profits are realized before market conditions erode the value of gains.

Ultimately, we seek to develop portfolios in line with market movements as we capitalize on opportunities as they emerge whilst maintaining flexibility to defend against unforeseen events.

Execution Management

Trading teams execute transactions under time sensitive conditions to capitalize on market inefficiencies.

Performance Analysis

Continuous analysis of individual asset performance and collective portfolio attributes.


An investment approach built on a culture that is compelling, effective and interactive.

Our strategic team-based synergies are focused on the identification of risk-adjusted, value driven investments. We invest in an environment that is forever changing, is increasingly interdependent and global.
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