Multi-asset Strategies

Multi-asset Strategies

Multi-asset Strategies

Alternative Strategies

Unconstrained management style as assets are allocated to capitalize on short-term market inefficiencies.

Dynamic investment management

Clifford Beaumont's multi-asset investment strategies seek to deliver preferred investor outcomes through an unconstrained asset allocation process that encompasses a range of assets including global equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, commodity and alternative investments.

The underlying aim of our multi-asset approach is to generate absolute returns on investment whilst mitigating risk.

To provide our clients with a best-in-class investment experience, we tailor portfolios around their needs, aspirations and investment objectives. Utilizing our multi-asset approach, portfolios are constructed in anticipation of expected results..

Client specific portfolio construction

Whilst the nature of Clifford Beaumont's dynamic investment strategies adhere to our time honored management style, the composition of a portfolio is dependent on the underlying objectives of each strategy.

This means that for a client whose requirements are to supplement his or her income with cash from investment, a fixed income multi-asset strategy will serve to realize a predetermined level and frequency of income flows.

On the other hand, for a client who aspires to maintain a chosen lifestyle during retirement years, a multi-asset growth strategy will focus on the longer-term accumulation of value.

Consistent with a multi-asset strategy

At Clifford Beaumont, we believe that each multi-asset strategy under our management contains three critical components;

  • Asset allocation that is unique to individual investor outcomes;
  • Targeted exposure to risk-adjusted assets in line with performance expectations;
  • Proactive portfolio management in pursuit of absolute investment returns.
Drawing upon our collective expertise and practical know-how, Clifford Beaumont presents a range
of capabilities that seek to deliver tailored financial solutions in line with individual client preferences.
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