Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Evolving in line with client demands

Clifford Beaumont was founded on a paradigm shift that moved investor preferences away from large institutional practices towards a model that prioritizes the specific needs of individual investors. Achieving such a close client-adviser working relationship is made possible only through a model that places substantial emphasis on client satisfaction.

Absolute returns policy

At Clifford Beaumont, we believe that client satisfaction is achieved by combining impressive investment management performance with superior standards of service. To this end, our investment philosophy dictates an absolute returns policy as performance is measured in relation to the individual objectives of each client.

Measured by exceeding expectations

Ultimately, as financial management professionals, we are judged on our ability to perform in line with the expectations clients have of us.

We understand this importance and, therefore, present each client with a benchmark of expectation that seeks to deliver satisfactory returns irrespective of market conditions. Clients are presented with a detailed vision of how strategies will evolve and how their assets will grow.

Custom performance benchmarks

We do not measure our performance against that of the wider, institutional level benchmarks. After all, we see little value in beating a benchmark that sits in negative territory as a result of unfavorable market conditions.

Instead we focus of the identification of investments that demonstrate the components of value.

With this approach, we believe that investor assets are better protected against market volatilities and that a margin of safety inherently built into such investments works to preserve the value of capital over the short-term, whilst providing much upside potential as markets evolve over the long-term.


We believe that together, the combination of strategic asset allocation and informed decision making forms the foundations of a weatherproofed portfolio that ultimately results in the delivery of favorable, client specific performance outcomes.