Execution Management

Execution Management

Execution Management

Performance Analysis

Continuous analysis of individual asset performance and collective portfolio attributes.

Accurate trade execution

Executing transactions to align with the wishes of our portfolio specialists is carefully managed around a number of variables that aim to add value at each stage of the acquisition process.

Our traders are responsible for executing the final stage of the investment process as portfolio implementation progresses from stress testing to implementation.

Transaction diligence

Whilst all previous measures of analytical research assess assets for levels of risk, our trading teams provide a final stage of diligence, making sure that acquisition timing and pricing levels conform to the principles adhered to during the asset selection process.

Failure to execute trades in line with these principles could potentially increase downside risk during the early stages of live market activity. We therefore go to great lengths to ensure that mistakes do not happen and each transaction is executed to deliver value.

Accountable for responsibility

Consistent with our philosophy of employee accountability, our traders are compensated on their abilities to adhere to the proven processes we have in place.

Whilst market movements can often be sudden, unexpected and violent, we place strict expectations on our traders as their responsibilities ultimately make the difference between a successful launch strategy or one that fails to meet client expectations.

Our history of attracting and retaining the brightest talent provides clients with an assurance that our selection policies are carried out with the upmost of care.

More often than not, the implementation of portfolio strategies is activated ahead of expectation levels. Clients are able to experience the potency of our knowledge and benefit from our capabilities at each stage of the investment process.


We believe that together, the combination of strategic asset allocation and informed decision making forms the foundations of a weatherproofed portfolio that ultimately results in the delivery of favorable, client specific performance outcomes.