Equity Analysis

Equity Analysis

Equity Analysis

Portfolio Management

Combining quantitative data with equity research, strategies are stress-tested against a number of economic variables and individual client preferences.

Fundamental research

At the equity analysis phase, our analysts conduct fundamental research on a number of companies in order to determine their true intrinsic value. Capturing insights from our ongoing quantitative efforts, equity selection becomes a science of how markets behave in the present and how events are likely to shape behavior over time.

Market simulation

Taking portfolio management into consideration, equities that conform to our investment philosophy are grouped into portfolios and stress tested against a number of critical variables.

This process simulates how assets are likely to perform in line with the individual expectations of each client. As an ongoing process, portfolio construction will seek to maintain a consistent balance, maintaining performance as goals are met.

Absolute return benchmark

To accomplish performance objectives over the medium-term, benchmarks are created to gauge progress in terms of returns on an absolute basis.

Where performance has proven particularly favorable, portfolio flexibility facilitates an option for clients to take profit reinvest or to simply enjoy.

Capturing latent value

Taking a longer-term perspective, equities that are identified and deemed to be priced lower than their intrinsic value are immediately included as part of the company's own portfolio.

Over the longer-term, such value based investments are left to mature until the wider market recognizes the opportunity causing an increase in price as the asset returns to its real market value.

Currency Analysis

Managing currency fluctuations is critical if we are to ensure maximum efficiency as part of a diversified allocation process.

Execution Management

Trading teams execute transactions under time sensitive conditions to capitalize on market inefficiencies.

Performance Analysis

Continuous analysis of individual asset performance and collective portfolio attributes.

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