Currency Analysis

Currency Analysis

Currency Analysis

Currency management

Managing investments and, more importantly, the best interests of our client base, demands a consideration to the effects that currency fluctuations have on portfolio performance.

In pursuit of portfolio diversification, assets are allocated across a range of sectors whose participation is active across a number of geographies.

Foreign exchange research model

Committing to a currency analysis model, we conduct in-depth foreign exchange research to determine whether trading levels can affect the performance of assets acquired in a particular currency.

Assets that may initially appear expensive can often prove to contain attractive levels of value through currency alignments. Traded proactively over the short-term, value can be captured enhancing the impact of satellite allocations as part of a diversified portfolio.

Execution Management

Trading teams execute transactions under time sensitive conditions to capitalize on market inefficiencies.

Performance Analysis

Continuous analysis of individual asset performance and collective portfolio attributes.

Helping private investors and their families to overcome the challenges
they face as market volatility increases and risks become more apparent.
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