Alternative Strategies

Alternative Strategies

Alternative Investment Strategies


A broad range of asset classes that participate throughout a number of key performing geographies in both the developed and emerging world.


Liquid and illiquid alternative investment

Clifford Beaumont provides private investors and their families with access to a broad range of liquid and illiquid alternative investment opportunities.

Such opportunities have, in the past, been restricted to larger investment houses and institutions. However since investor preferences have been forced into a period of change, the alternative investment landscape has evolved in order to attract the attention of retail investors.

Alternative diversification strategy

Alternative forms of investment are increasingly becoming part of contemporary portfolio theory as assets are diversified to reduce levels of correlation from one asset class to the next.

Traditional portfolios composed of stocks, bonds and cash, typically provided an acceptable correlation mix to facilitate performance irrespective of market conditions.

In the current economic climate, the correlation between equity and bond markets does not provide a portfolio with the necessary protection required to withstand fluctuating conditions.

Mitigating the effects of risk

Incorporating alternative forms of investment as part of a diversified portfolio seeks to spread investment risk across a much broader range of assets.

Real assets, hedge funds and specific credit opportunities bear little or no relation to the performance of traditional equities and bonds.

An additional layer of portfolio diversification has been proven to stabilize portfolio performance against the effects of volatility.



Liquid Alternatives

Liquid alternatives

Clifford Beaumont provides investors with access to a number of hedge funds whose individual pursuits differ to accommodate the needs of dynamic investor preferences. Strategies are categorized by asset allocation as performance is directed towards a specific area of the market.

Multi-asset strategies present investors with a broad opportunity scope, whereas scientific equity and fixed income strategies focus on specific asset classes.

To align with our own investment philosophy, we work only with funds whose policies dictate investment returns on an absolute basis. In this case, investor assets remain liquid due to the proactive requirements of an absolute return policy.

Illiquid Alternatives

Illiquid alternatives

Real assets, such as real estate, agriculture and infrastructure represent a key aspect of an ever expanding alternative investment landscape.

The benefits of real assets present investors with a long-term approach to the delivery of returns that can include income, total returns and inflation protection.

Private equity placements expose investors to a range of primary and secondary fund opportunities. Direct investment funds and customized segregation accounts present investors with an opportunity to generate significant gains across a platform of growth stage investments.

Assets are positioned with a global focus to capitalize on opportunities arising from venture capital placements, distressed situations, mezzanine financing and buyouts.


An investment approach built on a culture that is compelling, effective and interactive.

Our strategic team-based synergies are focused on the identification of risk-adjusted, value driven investments. We invest in an environment that is forever changing, is increasingly interdependent and global.
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